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GroupWise 7 Upgrade End User Training Modules

Recently upgraded to GroupWise 7 but frustrated trying to locate affordable training material?  Now there is a solution.  Training material is available that is designed for the user that already knows GroupWise and just needs to learn how to use the new features of GroupWise 7.  This material is being made available to organizations in the form of modules.  An organization may select various modules based on their requirements.  A site license based on the number of GroupWise users and the modules chosen will make this series more cost effective for organizations to be able to provide all of their users with the information they need to become more productive and less frustrated when trying to manage their GroupWise accounts.

Since this material is being made in an electronic and modular format, updates can be made available much more quickly than waiting for a revision of a formally published book.  For example, when Novell releases the next version of GroupWise a new module covering the changes can be available in a timely manner.  The links below will allow  you to view the first 10 pages of Module 1 as well as a list of the modules that will make up this series and the content.  I'm sure you will agree that the format is very clear and easy to follow.

Please note:  The table of contents for some modules is still a work in progress and may change based on  feedback from potential customers and pilot sites.

If you are interested in a French version of these modules, using the French GroupWise client, would like to provide feedback, make inquiries related to obtaining a site license, being considered as a pilot site, formal training for your users and/or "Train the Trainer" sessions, please click on the Contact link on the right to send an email or phone 905-579-0455.

Sample                       Table of Contents

You can purchase the entire book or individual modules based on your requirements.  For example, if your budget is limited you may want to purchase Module 1 and/or Module 2 now and purchase additional modules over time.  Each module is laid out in a very easy to follow format complete with step by step instructions to complete each task and lots of screen shots.  These modules can be used for formal training of your users or as a reference guide. 

Note:  Although the majority of these modules assume the user already knows GroupWise and does not need to be taught the basics such as logging in, sending mail etc., they are still presented in a manner that would allow even someone new to GroupWise to follow the instructions.  

Occasionally, you may find the same task in two different modules.  This has been done since the intention is to make it possible for organizations to select the modules they need.  Should you purchase more than one module with the same task covered you may request to have the duplicate removed.
  • Module 1 - What's New In GroupWise 7 - Available Now
    • Step by step easy to follow instructions to complete tasks related to the new features of GroupWise 7.
  • Module 2 - What Was New In GroupWise 6.5 - Available Now
    • Covers the features that were released in the GroupWise 6.5 client, using the GroupWise 7 client.
  • Module 3 - Scheduling And The GroupWise 7 Calendar - Anticipated  Release  April
    • This module was a special request from Canadian University College, one of our pilot sites.  The module covers the GroupWise calendar and scheduling tasks.
  • Module 4 -  GroupWise 7 Web Access - Anticipated Release  April/May
    • Shows users how to use the exciting new GroupWise 7 Web Access client.
  • Module 5 - GroupWise Advanced Features
    • This module is designed for the user that wants to do more than just send and receive emails and perform simple calendaring tasks.  It provides instructions on how to complete some of the more advanced tasks such as creating rules, recurring appointments, configuring proxy access, routing slips, archiving, etc.
  • Module 6 - Tips
    • Tips and Tricks.  The little things that make managing your GroupWise account easier.
  • Module 7 - Accessibility
    • Accessibility.  This module will be available free of charge to any organization that purchases at least one module.  It will cover how to configure GroupWise to work with Jaws and will include a list of short cut keys.

Additional Modules Being Considered

  • Novell GroupWise Messenger
  • Novell Virtual Office
  • Novell Net Storage
  • Third Party Archiving Solutions For GroupWise
  • Need something else?  Ask...
There is also a GroupWise 6.5 training/reference manual available.
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