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Upgrading to GroupWise 7

End User Training Modules

Written By Marie Perry - Certified Novell Instructor

Modules can be purchased "a la carte" or in custom bundles.  Should you purchase several modules where the same task is covered in more than one you may request to have the duplication removed at no extra charge.  Modules can be purchased through a site license that will allow all users access.  Since they are in electronic format they will be much more cost effective than purchasing printed material.  

Purchasing a bundle can be more cost effective than purchasing the popular laminated 6 page at a glance cards.

 MTech Services is currently looking for a few beta sites in order to make organizations aware of this new product.  A beta site would be eligible for the entire GroupWise 7 end user series for as low as $4.95 per user.  That's the same amount of content as an entire book for the cost of  a 6 page laminated card!

Please contact Marie Perry at 905-579-0455 or Email by clicking here.

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Modules In This Series

Introduction - Free

  • Introduction
  • About These GroupWise Modules
  • Who Should Use These Modules
  • What Modules Are Available
    • How To Use The New Features in GroupWise 7
    • How To Use the Features Released In GroupWise 6.5 Using the GroupWise 7 Client
    • Advanced GroupWise Features
    • GroupWise Tips & Tricks
    • Using Accessibility Features
  • About The Author

Module 1 – Using the New GroupWise 7 Features (Available Now)

  • Introduction
  • GroupWise 7 Gets a Shiny New Look
  • Customizing the Home View
    • About Panels
    • Adding An Available Panel
    • Adding, Editing and Deleting Panels
      • Adding A New Panel
      • Editing A Panel
      • Deleting A Panel
      • Panel Tips
    • Select Schemes
  • New Features and Components in GroupWise 7
    • NAV (Navigation) Bar
    • Quick Spell Checker
    • HTML Signatures
    • GroupWise Messenger Presence
      • About GroupWise Messenger
    • Unicode Support
    • Inline Quotations
    • Changing Your Text Reply Format
    • Changing Your HTML Reply Format
    • Image Security
    • Search Attachments
    • Calendar Enhancements
      • Creating multiple Calendars
      • Sharing a Calendar
      • Viewing Calendars
      • Creating All Day Events
      • Changing Background for Different Calendar Parts
    • Group Labels
    • Changing Default Fonts

Module 2: Using the Features Released in GroupWise 6.5 With the GroupWise 7 Client (Available Now)

  • Introduction
  • Color Coded Categories
    • Assigning a Category to Your Item
  • My Subject
  • Junk Mail Handling
    • Junk Mail Settings
    • Adding Addresses to the Junk, Block or Trust Lists
    • Blocking, Junking or Trusting Email From Internet Senders
  • Checklists
    • Creating a "To Do" List in the Checklist Folder
    • Moving Items Into a Checklist
    • Create and Post a New Item
    • Creating a Checklist in a Different Folder
  • Contact Management
    • Viewing All Correspondence With A Contact
    • Creating New Personal Address Books
    • Adding A New Contact
    • Adding A New Distribution Group
    • Adding A New Resource
    • Adding A New Organization
  • Using Caching Mode
    • About Access Modes
    • Benefits of Caching Mode
    • Configure Your GroupWise Client To Use Caching Mode

Module 3:  Scheduling And The GroupWise 7 Calendar - Available April

  • Introduction
  • About the GroupWise Calendar
  • Viewing the GroupWise
  • Changing Calendar Views
  • Scheduling Appointments
    • Creating a Personal Appointment
    • Creating a Group Appointment or Meeting
    • Checking Availability for Meetings or Appointments
    • Rescheduling Appointments
    • Canceling Appointments
    • Delegating Appointments
    • Creating a Recurring Appointment
  • Scheduling Tasks
    • Assigning a Personal Task
    • Delegating a Task
    • Marking a task Complete
    • Checking the Status of a Task
  • Scheduling Reminder Notes
    • Creating a Reminder Note for Yourself
    • Creating a Reminder Note for Other Users
  • Receiving Scheduled Items
    • Accepting or Declining an Internal Item
    • Accepting or Declining an Internet Item
    • Accepting or Declining an Item for a Resource
    • Delegating Received Items
  • Other Calendar Tasks
    • Creating Multiple Calendars
    • Viewing Multiple Calendars
    • Sharing a Calendar Without Proxy
    • Changing the Calendar Background

Module 4: GroupWise 7 Web Access - Available April/May

  • Starting GroupWise WebAccess
  • The New Easier To Use GroupWise WebAccess Client
  • Main Window Components
    • The Folder List
    • The Item List
    • Icon Descriptions
  • Customizing WebAccess
  • Changing Your GroupWise Password in GroupWise WebAccess
  • Timing Out
  • Basic Tasks You Can Complete In GroupWise Web Access
    • Composing Items
    • Open, Replying, Forwarding, Deleting and Undeleting Items
    • Mark Items Read/Unread
  • Managing Sent Items
  • Working With Folders
  • Using the Address Book
  • Working With Attachments
  • Using the Search feature
  • Using Spell Checker
  • Printing from WebAccess
  • Using The WebAccess Calendar
  • Using WebAccess Proxy

Module 5: Using GroupWise More Effectively

  • Backing Up Your Mailbox
  • How to Set Up Recurring Appointments
  • Using Routing Slips
  • Working With Tasks
  • Archiving Items with the GroupWise Archiving Feature
    • Setting the Archive Directory
    • Archiving Manually
    • Archiving Automatically
    • Retrieving Archived Messages
  • Using Folders Effectively
    • Creating a Personal Folder
    • Shared Folders
    • Create a Shared Folder
    • Share an Existing Folder
    • Post an Item to a Shared Folder
    • View Discussion Threads in a Shared Folder
    • Find Results Folders
    • Move Items to Folder
  • Creating and Using Rules to Increase Productivity
    • Creating a Rule
    • Rule Examples
      • Creating and Activating A Vacation Rule
      • Moving Items automatically to a Folder
    • Forwarding an Item
  • Configuring Proxy Access
    • Adding Users to Your Proxy List to Access Other Mailboxes
    • Adding Proxy Names and Rights to Allow Others to Access Your Mailbox

Module 6: GroupWise Tips & Tricks

  • Sharing Address Books
  • Date Difference
  • Phone Messages
  • Reminder Notes
  • Changing an Email Item to an Appointment
  • What the Icons Mean Next To Your Items
  • Restoring Sent Items Folder or Tasks List
  • Checking the Status of an Item
  • Saving Attachments
  • Delegating Work
  • Retracting Items
  • Canceling or Rescheduling Appointments
  • Changing the Time Zone
  • Customizing the Tool Bar
  • Sending An Alarm To A Pager

Module 7: Accessibility Options - Free With Purchase

  • Configuring GroupWise for use with Jaws
  • GroupWise Short Cut Keys

Additional Modules will be created for various third party product vendors depending on vendor input.  If you have a GroupWise add on product and would like to have a module created and made available as part of this series or you have an interest in something you would like to see added, please feel free to contact us.

We are also considering creating modules for other products.  If you have an idea give us a call at 905-579-0455.

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