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Marie Perry

I worked as a network consultant and as an instructor for corporate computer network engineers and administrators for many years. I was hired to travel across Canada and the United States to assist when there were issues with network servers that employees were not trained to deal with.

When travel was no longer a good option I changed my business model to support small businesses with their online presence.

A high priority for me is to help individuals and small businesses to “Google” so that their services or products will appear at the top of local Google searches to inspire consumers to shop locally.

MTech Services Mission Statement

As a small business owner, I understand that a small business or individual has to deal with budget restraints and that spending thousands on a website designed by a large website design agency may not be an option.  However, you still need to portray your business as a professional entity.

I am able to provide you with a professional-looking website that will be personalized to suit your business and will keep the cost as low as possible.  I will provide you with a quote that includes everything you need to get your website online. There are no hidden charges. I will host your website at a large data center to ensure reliability and security. I will do all of this at a price that won’t break the bank!


I work from my home office located on Hay Bay in Greater Napanee. I provide services to all local businesses, including Kingston, Belleville, and surrounding areas. All hosting is located at a large data center with fault tolerance so there is no single point of failure. This means that your website is always available.

Since communication and technology don’t recognize boundaries, I am able to help you regardless of where your business is located.

County Rd. 9, Napanee, ON K7R 3K8

Why Not Work Together?

More than ever before, it is crucial to find new ways of ensuring that potential customers can find you and purchase your goods and services easily.

People want to support local businesses. Let’s work together to get your business online where it can be found.