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About MTech Services

Marie Perry

MTech Services is a small business operated by Marie Perry.  Marie offers web design, hosting, blogs, and other related services for small businesses and individuals that won’t break the bank.

Marie’s goal is to assist individuals and small businesses to get online so that there services or products will Google to help encourage customers to shop locally.

About Me

My most important role is being a grandmother to my beautiful 3-year-old granddaughter who is the light of my life. When your baby gives birth you feel something that just can’t be explained for that amazing little life.

I have been running MTech Services for decades. Originally, my company provided high-level network consulting to organizations when they ran into issues that their own IT departments were struggling with. I also also certified as a Novell Certified Network Instructor (CNI) and provided instruction to network administrators and engineers.

Unfortunately, a few years ago, I became disabled. That disability put an end to my ability to travel across Canada and the United States and effectively put an end to my career as I knew it. It was time to reinvent my business.

After much soul searching and evaluation of my skills, MTech Services became MTech Services Web Design For Small Business. I had noticed that it was difficult to find services and products in my small town when I used Google. I realized this was because so many stores and small businesses did not have an online presence. It is difficult to shop locally if you can’t find what you’re looking for. That’s when I made it my goal to do whatever I could to keep costs low enough that small business and individuals could afford to get online.


I work out of my home on Hay Bay in Greater Napanee and provide services to all local businesses including Kingston and Belleville areas.

Since website design is mostly an online business, I can provide services to businesses and individuals located anywhere.

MTech Services Mission Statement

As a small business owner, I understand how tight budgets are for small businesses and individuals.  Often, having a website designed by the larger companies is out of the question as they can cost thousands of dollars.  Some companies that offer more affordable websites do not offer the option to have your own domain name and all the websites look the same. Do-it-yourself websites require a knowledge that you may not have or will have advertising on them that is difficult to get rid of. Unless you really know what you are doing and how to use code to eliminate the advertising your site may not look professional.

My goal is to provide you with a professional looking website that is personalized to suit your business, keep costs as low as possible.  I will format content (provided by you) into a website.  This will all be done at a price that won’t break the bank!

Whether you just want your business to Google so that customers can find you or whether you want an online store, I can help.

What Is Included?

All websites include the following:

  • A website with a domain name of your choosing.
  • Website hosting for 1 year. (Your website needs a place to live. This is usually extra with other companies and is valued at $150.
  • An email account with the same domain name as your website.
  • Basic search engine optimization (SEO).
  • Configuration of caching (This is what makes your website perform faster.)

Take a look at my portfolio page to see some examples of my work.


I am able to create everything from a simple one-page site or a blog to a more complex multi-page site with eCommerce (the ability to sell your products online). I can also assist you with applications to online directories including Google My Business to improve your search listing in Google. I can also create or optimize your business Facebook page. Having your business on Facebook is necessity today since so many potential customers and clients use it daily.

Not sure what you need? Contact me and we can go over the options together to determine what will work best for you. I look forward to working with you.

Thank you!

Marie Perry

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