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April's Image Fashions

Online Store

April’s Image Fashions in downtown Napanee needed a complete website overhaul.  So much needed to be done including deleting the existing products that I determined that it would be a lot faster and therefore less expensive to start over.  This also allowed their existing website to remain functional during the process.

April’s Image provided me with their logo and I designed the website and colour scheme around the logo. I created the header image from a photo of a display. It needed to be cropped to fit the space available. The photos in the slider on the home page were all different sizes so I added a background using the website colours to make them display fully without being cut off.

Limited Budget

Since COVID has hurt so many small businesses I worked with April’s Image to keep the cost as low as possible.  I did this by entering just enough of their product line to make the website look good and to have items in each category.  I then provided an employee with virtual training which included adding items to their live website. April’s Image is now able to add its own products, delete obsolete products, and do blog posts.  Not only did they save money on the initial design but they are now able to add new products when they come in.

Payments and Shipping

The April’s Image Fashions website is connected to Square to look after their payment requirements and shipping options of local delivery (based on postal code) and pickup.  Customers are instructed that if they require their orders to be shipped the store will contact them to provide them with a delivery fee amount. April’s Image does not expect to be doing a lot of shipping but wanted to make it available.

If you require more complex shipping it is possible to connect your website to platforms provided by Canada Post, FedEx, Purolator, and other shippers. Connecting to these platforms allows calculating shipping costs as part of the order process. 


Call now to arrange for a free consultation.  My goal is to assist small businesses that are struggling in these hard times to get their businesses online within a limited budget with a professional look.

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