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Bubba's Napanee Online Ordering

I recently completed an online ordering system website for Bubba’s Pizzeria in Napanee. Feedback has been awesome! I knew that people wanted to be able to see Bubba’s Pizzeria’s menu online so once it was completed I posted on the What’s Going On Napanee Facebook Page. Within minutes there were many reactions and several comments. Bubba’s Facebook page has also received many new Likes since it was posted.

Bubba's Pizzeria Napanee

Bubba’s Pizzeria provided me with this picture. I used a program to match up the purple and beige in the photo to come up with the colour scheme. The owners also provided me with a copy of their menu and several photos of food.

I put all of these things together and created a website that allows patrons to select items from the menu and put them into a cart that calculates the price and taxes. Bubba’s opted not to allow online ordering as they prefer that patrons phone their orders in. This can easily be added should they change their minds later.

What Components Were Used For Bubba’s Pizzeria?

There were several components added to a “normal” website to make this online restaurant menu possible. I’ve listed them below.


To start with I ordered a domain name for Bubba’s Pizzeria and provided a host server to house their website. I installed WordPress which is the base for the website.

Restaurant Module

Next, I installed a restaurant module which allowed me to set up and configure the menu complete with a cart that becomes unavailable when the restaurant is not open, and individual menu items complete with photos of the food with the price. While Bubba’s Pizzeria opted not to take advantage of all of the components in the restaurant module I will list them here so that you can consider them in your project. All websites are customized to suit your business.

  • Online Ordering: Bubba’s only has the option to view the menu and add items to the cart but not to actually send an order to the restaurant. The default behaviour of the component is to submit orders.
  • Add Ingredients: I would highly recommend that the Add Ingredients option be purchased (it is a premium component through the vendor that provides the restaurant module) for any restaurant that allows their customers to select different options. For example, if you are going to order a pizza customers will want to select what they want on their pizza or burger. If you offer the choice between salad or soup. You get the idea!
  • Order Tracking: Bubba’s is not using this component because they are taking orders over the phone. Order tracking provides detailed online access to all orders submitted online AND you can add orders that you receive over the phone to the system. This allows you to track what time the order came in, if the order is to be picked up or is to be delivered, and what the status of the order is. This system will also notify you when a new order has come in.
  • Payment Options: With online ordering, customers can select how they want to pay for their orders whether their order is being delivered or picked up.
  • Mini POS System: You are able to create sales reports from the admin menu that also shows your orders.
  • Customer Accounts: Allow your customers to create accounts. This will allow them to reorder items they have enjoyed in the past.
  • Premium Options: I’ve already mentioned the Add Ingredient option above but here are some more options that you can select: Delivery by postal code; cross-sells; pick up prices, stock management, coupons, timed menu (breakfast, lunch, dinner, menus for example); loyalty rewards; stock management. If there is anything not mentioned here just ask. There may be a way to set it up for you.

Photo Slideshows

You will notice that at the top of the menu pages for Bubba’s Pizzeria there is a slideshow of photos. Put your most appetizing menu items into a slideshow to grab customers’ attention.

Facebook Integration

Facebook Posts

Bubba’s Pizzeria had me connect their Facebook Page to their website. It shows all the current posts on your website by pulling them automatically from Facebook. You can also set a Like box so that people can like your Facebook page from your website.

Prefer Instagram to Facebook? You can also connect your business Instagram account? Don’t have a business Instagram account? Not to worry, it is simple to convert your personal account that has your business data or you can simply create a new Instagram account to keep business and personal separate.

Facebook And Google Reviews

Great reviews are critical for your business. Why not pull your Facebook and Google reviews onto your website as well?


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