C.C. Limestone Services

C.C. Limestone Services

A Red Cross Training Partner

C. C. Limestone Services is a Red Cross Training Partner. They provide public first aid training courses at various locations in the KFL&A area or on your premises. They have courses for everything from Babysitting to Standard First Aid to First Responders and Marine First Aid.

The Project

This project started with a multi-page website package and then added several additional components. We are just waiting for a couple of items to finish the website off and then training can start so that the client can add items to the website.

Additional Website Components

  • Membership Module: This allows trainees to create accounts that they can login to at anytime to download their Red Cross certificates of completion.
  • Facebook Connection: The Facebook connection is configured in such a way to display the news feed from C.C. Limestone Services Facebook Page right on their website.
  • Mail Chimp Connection: The website is connected to Mail Chimp to allow mass mailings to trainees who have signed up to to the mailing list.
  • Wait List: Trainees are able to sign up to various waiting lists.
  • EventBrite Connection: Eventbrite is a well-know organizations that allows you to create events (in this case an upcoming course). Organizations create events, and sell “tickets” to the events. There is an option to specify how many tickets may be sold. You have the added power of marketing your event through Eventbrite. It also allows you to create a Facebook event and sell tickets and synchronize back to Eventbrite without the trainee needing to leave Facebook.
  • Eventbrite Calendar: Adding the calendar module posts a calander of events to the website so that trainees can purchase courses without leaving the website.
  • Training: The client has been offered training to learn how to use some of these components on their own.

Facebook Page

C. C. Limestone Services Facebook Page was optimized to carry across branding and to configure missed settings such as a list of their courses which will help people searching Facebook to find them when they are looking for various First Aid courses.

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