Cheap Street Gallery

Cheap Street Gallery

Diane Talis of Cheap Street Gallery contacted me in April 2021 with a problem that she was hoping I could help her resolve. To be honest, I almost turned her down because her project was so different from what I was used to doing.

In the past, it was my responsibility to try and figure out what my client’s vision was and to turn it into a fully functioning website. This project was more of a collaboration. Diane required someone to assist her with some of the technical aspects of the website but she wanted to make all her own content. It was an unusual situation for me but after listening to Diane I reconsidered and agreed. Be sure to visit Cheap Street Gallery to view Diane’s designs and products. She also has an interesting blog!

The Challenges

The Cheap Street Gallery project started with a BIG challenge. Diane had already purchased hosting through another website so I was unable to host it with the provider that I normally use. There were issues right from the start from a hosting provider that did not care about customer service and tech support was non-existent. The website was constantly going down, SSL (the secure protocol) would not work, and Diane had paid extra for the SSL certificate.

On The Right Track

After many issues, we finally decided that Diane should cancel the hosting provider and start over with Siteground the hosting provider that I use. Things went much more smoothly after that.

Project Details

The scope of this project was to install WordPress, select a theme that would work for Diane and her business, and configure the website. Here are the steps I completed after the initial installation.

  • I took at look at the various online stores that Diane has her Cheap Street Designs with and noticed that she had the same header. I asked her for a copy of the picture and when it wasn’t quite the right size I asked her for a picture that I could add to it. I took both pictures into an online graphics program called Snappa that allows me to create pictures the right size for certain web content and social media covers and posts and put it all together. There was still white space so I used a picture that Diane made herself (she is an artist after all) and put that behind it.
  • I created a form using Cheap Street Gallery’s colour scheme so that customers are able to contact Diane.
  • I chose a font that was as close as possible to the text on the Cheap Street Gallery header.
  • I did some extra back end coding to change the text colours for both the body and the headers.
  • What is an artist’s website without a gallery to display their designs? The slideshow was an important addition.
  • I also added Twitter and Instagram feeds, links to each of the online stores where you can purchase various products with Diane’s designs on them.
  • When everything was completed the way that Diane wanted it to be I gave her some training so that she could add pages, posts, and specials herself.


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