Deb Dart Music Facebook Page

Need a Facebook page but are not sure how to set it up? MTech Services can help you with that just like with did with Deb Dart Music.

Creating A Facebook Page For Deb Dart Music

Deb Dart Music

Deb wanted to be able to highlight her music and promote the locations where she was going to be playing without having to be “friends” with everyone. She already knew how to use Facebook but didn’t know how to set up a page.

The Process

I had Deb log into her account and showed her how to create a page. I then made myself an admin of her page so that I can help her out if she ever gets stuck on anything. I also promised her that I would take some of her audio files and add a picture to them so that they could be uploaded to Facebook.

I then showed Deb how to navigate through her new page and explained what she needed to do to add information about her band. Since Deb already knows how to use Facebook she is perfectly capable of managing her own Facebook page.

Your Facebook Page

Do you need help to create a Facebook page? MTech Services can help you get started or even manage your page on an ongoing basis.


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