Does Your Business Google?

Search Engine

What Is A Search Engine?

Search Engines

Nearly everyone has heard the term “Google it” when they are trying to figure out where to purchase something, find the lyrics to a song, how to make something, how to take care of something, or whenever you want to know something about anything.

Google is just one of many search engines that are available to find things on the Internet but it is the one that we are more familiar with and why people use the term Google to refer to search engines. I will continue to use Google throughout this post just because it is easier for those that are not as technical.

SEO or Search Engine Optimization


Many of your customers look for goods and services using Google, Bing, or other search engines.  They will use laptops, cell phones, and other devices to search the Internet to find what they are looking for.  Most people no longer grab the Yellow Pages to find goods and services.  Instead, they pull up Google or Facebook to find services and products. 

If your business does not “Google”, potential customers may not find you, possibly heading out-of-town instead of buying locally at your store or business.

Basic Search Engine Optimization is a fancy way of talking about what we do behind the scene to make your goods and/or services Google better.

We will offer suggestions to you so that when you create your content you have keywords that people would search for. For example, if your product has a very technical name but people are more likely to search for widgets then you want to make sure that you have the word widget in your content as well as the technical name.

The key point here is that you want your business as close to the top of the list when people search for a product or service that you offer.

Google My Business

Google My Business Results

Creating a website, a Facebook Page, and other business social media accounts with complete information including a list of what you have to sell are all ways of making your business Google.

Setting up Google My Business is another method that can be used to improve your search engine results. When a GMB account is created to represent your business if it is configured correctly when someone local to your business Googles a product or service that you sell your business will display either under a Google Map or beside it as shown in the picture.

To get this result, all I did was type music school into the Google search bar to get these results. I was in Napanee when I made this search. I get similar results if I Google music lessons. I’m fairly certain that there are more places than what is listed that provide music lessons in the Napanee area. This is why Google My Business is such a powerful option.

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