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Some of the websites designed by MTech Services include those listed below.  These are live websites set up and configured by Marie.

Content is provided by the client.  Please note that the headers are customizable and colours and style can be changed to suit your needs.

Feel free to click on the button for each site to get an idea of what MTech Services can do for your small business.

North Shore Music specializes in voice coaching and band mentoring.  They are located on Hay Bay in Greater Napanee.

This website is an example of a more complex website with multiple pages, a contact form, picture galleries, and a blog.

A Thousand Words Photography is located in Pembroke, Ontario. This site has lots of picture galleries to display some of Carrie’s work as well as a testimonial page that displays Facebook Reviews.

MTech Services Sample Site

This site is designed to assist you with decisions on what to put and where to put information on your website.
This site does not have the sidebar menu but one can easily be added.

MTM Transcription

MTM Transcription specializes in court authorized transcription.  This website is a good example of a simple site with a contact form.
Your website could have a large picture for your header like the one on this site, but you could choose to have a smaller picture.

Customize your site by using your own photo.  Some header ideas that could be used are:

  • A photo of your store or place of business
  • Photos of your products
  • Pictures of you performing the service or services you provide
    A customized graphic or logo.  Marie can put you in touch with the graphic designer that created the logo and header for MTech Services

Facebook Pages

North Shore Music
The Shore Things

North Shore Music requested both a website and a Facebook page. This is a photo of their house band.

North Shore Music offers vocal coaching, guitar, and other lessons. They also have a unique band program whether your band plays gigs or you are just starting out.

Meditate In Napanee

If you are looking for a place to meditate in Napanee this is a good place to start.

Meditate In Napanee is the Napanee branch of the Kuluta Buddhist Centre in Kingston. You don’t have to become a buddhist to benefit from these courses. Take what you feel good about and leave the rest!

Deb Dart Music
Facebook Page

Deb Dart and her husband Charlie play together at small local venues. This picture was taken when they performed on Amherst Island Radio.

Deb also sings and plays guitar for The Shore Things while Charlie plays congas and drums.