Online Store/Ordering Or Restaurant Package

Online Store/Ordering Package – Starting At $999

Online Restaurant

Bubba's Napanee Online Ordering

Is your restaurant’s menu online? With more people wanting to place their food orders online you need to be able to offer your customers that option.  Even if your customers are planning to eat in most like to see menus before they decide where to go and eat. If your menu is not online you might get overlooked.

Bubba’s Pizza in Napanee is a good example of a restaurant package. Take a look!

Online Store/Ordering

April's Image Fashions

If you’re considering selling online then take a look at April’s Image Fashions for an idea of what your store could look like. An online store package includes everything you need to start selling online right away.

Our online ordering and online store packages include the following:

  • Custom Design: A cover picture and logo that you provide with a look to match your business personality
  • Contact Form: Potential customers/clients can complete this form with their email address and/or phone number so that you contact them. They can be customized with questions you want to ask
  • One year of hosting and email: Cost is normally $150 per year.
  • Domain name registration for one year if required (approximately $20 value). Domain names must be renewed every year
  • Basic Search engine optimization (SEO)
  • SSL Certificate: It is important that your website is configured with SSL due to the fact that Google penalizes websites that are not secure by lowering their search rankings
  • eCommerce: Installation and configuration of eCommerce components
  • Your Menu or Products Online: Add your entire menu online or your entire or partial selection of products.  This will make options available to both online ordering, phone orders, or allow patrons/customers to view your menu or see your products when they are planning on visiting whether it is to purchase products or to eat in. A reasonable number of menu items is included but we reserve the right to charge additional fees for a large number of items.  This will be discussed during your free consultation
  • Payment Gateways: Some gateways such as eTransfer are included but other gateways are considered premium gateways that require fees to a third-party.  Gateways for credit cards all go through third parties which reduces your liability for accepting online payments as all the processing goes through websites that are fully secured so you don’t have to worry about it
  • Delivery Options: A simple delivery component can be added for the customer to select whether they want delivery or pickup.  A more complex delivery option is available that will calculate delivery or shipping charges when you don’t have a flat rat
  • Email Verification: The system will send an email to both you and the customer with the complete order and charges.  You will be able to respond to the email if you can’t fulfill the entire order, need to make substitutes, or need to increase the order ready time, etc.
  • Basic POS System: There is a backend option that can be pulled up by an employee to see all orders should you choose to use it. Initial orders are flagged as New but can be changed through the various stages to help staff keep track.  This system also allows you to create various sales reports and to add your phone and walk-in orders to the list
  • Customer and Guest: Customers are able to create an account if they wish.  This allows them to see their orders and reorder the same order at a later date.
  • Order Printing: A paper copy of your orders can be printed if you prefer to work from paper
  • Additional Ingredients:  Items such as toppings require the purchase of an additional premium component.  The cost is determined by the third-party vendor
  • Additional Charges: Extra charges may apply for additional features. There are third-party components that can be purchased for things such as more complex delivery options, or additional payment gateways, etcetera.

Once you receive a quote there are no hidden charges to worry about. Your cost will not go up unless you decide to add additional services that were not discussed.