Upholstery Depot Website and Google Business Profile Creation

Upholstery Depot Napanee

This project involved the design and creation of a new website, optimizing Upholstery Depot’s Google Business Profile, Setting up Bing Business Directory, and additional recommendations to improve this company’s online presence.

The Website Design And Creation

Upholstery Depot is a fairly new business in Napanee, Ontario but Kelly Lewis has been in the business for many years. Kelly approached me for recommendations on how to make his business more visible. He took me up on my recommendation of a new website with clear search words for his various services and to ensure that his business had a Google Business Profile (Formerly GMB or Google My Business.

Kelly wanted a simple one-page website with a contact page with the ability to add additional pages at a later date. The first rendition of Upholstery Depot did not go over well. Kelly had indicated that he liked the colour khaki and wanted that as the dominant colour for his website. Unfortunately, there are many shades of khaki and Kelly did not like the one I had selected at all.

I arranged a Zoom call with Kelly and his wife Kelly to show them a couple of options. Kelly saw some green at the top of the screen and said he liked that colour. It took me a moment to realize that it was one of the zoom controls he was looking at LOL. I think it was Kelly’s wife Kelly who mentioned army green so I quickly looked up the code for that colour and changed it and refreshed the website. That was the ticket! We ironed out a few more things that weren’t quite right and now Kelly is happy with his website. I point this out so that my potential clients know that I may not always get it right the first time but I will do everything I can to understand your vision and make it right.

Google Business Profile Creation

Google Maps Upholstery Depot Napanee

Our original contract included creating a Google Business Profile for Upholstery Depot but after doing some research I found that there was already an existing profile. I used Google’s tools to ask Kelly to make me a manager. Using an existing profile meant that we did not have to wait for two weeks or more for Google to verify that Kelly owned the business.

I updated the profile by adding categories, and services, updated outdated information such as pointing to the new website, and generally optimizing the existing profile to take advantage of the Google Bots.

I was also able to export the Google Business Profile to Bing Business and configure synchronization between the two.

A Little About Upholstery Depot

Upholstery Depot reupholsters all your commercial and residential needs from refreshing your look with new material on your favourite pieces of furniture to giving your well-loved bench seats in your restaurant a new firm seat. They are also Ministry of Health Certified so they can service all of your medical upholstery requirements.

The owner Kelly Lewis is a master upholsterer and has been in the upholstery industry for 35 years and brings all that knowledge and experience into every piece he re-upholsters.

Kelly can also make repairs to anything covered in leather, vinyl, or fabric. For additional information and photos please visit the website and contact Kelly Lewis.

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