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New Tools

New Tools!

I’ve found some new tools and experimented with my own website last night as well as used them for a new client (more on that later when the website has been approved as complete).


I have never liked the black footer at the bottom of my website. When I found a colour match program that let me get colour codes from my header picture it seemed the perfect opportunity to update my website design. I was able to get a few colour codes matching my header. These colour codes enabled me to update the colours on my site. Now the blues from the header match the blues on the rest of my site! I think it looks so much better! I also used the image resizer on a couple of images that didn’t quite fit right.

The resizer program was used on my Facebook Page profile picture. Made a big difference! Now the logo shows the lettering without it being cropped within the small circle of the profile picture as you can see from the screenshot here.

My new client’s pictures did not meet the size requirements for the website header, Google My Business or their Facebook page. I used the image resizer program, combined with the colour matcher, and the collage program to make headers and profile pictures.

Once I have finished this new site, I will create a new post with the link to their website so that you can see what I mean

These new tools mean that I can make your website look better as well. I will now be adding these new tools to my tool kit and will be offering an additional service making headers for your site with matching colours, by collaging pictures together, or resizing pictures to fit.

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